W.S. Gilbert Society Journals: Contents

Volume 8 no.46: Spring 2020

Introduction   (Derrick McClure), p 4

150 Years Ago: 1870 (Andrew Crowther), p5

The Grand Duke, or The Statutory Duel: original libretto revised by John Wolfson (Derrick McClure), p9

The Grand Duke revised by John Wolfson: UK Premier (Walter Paul), p13

Satirical Burlesque (Part 3) (Richard Moore), p27

Milman, Gilbert and Sullivan (Martin Wright), p50

Additional Thoughts on the Background to The Sorcerer (Michael Symes), p55

A Project [mooted recording of A Soldier’s Legacy by Alexander Macfarren] (David Chandler), p57

Letter to the Editor (Ian Bradley), p58


Volume 8 no. 45: Autumn 2019


Introduction (Derrick McClure), p 4

Reminiscences of Gilbert (Joseph Harker), p5

The Curious Case of Charles Martin, Vocalist (Andrew Crowther), p10

The Martyr of Antioch: Milman, Gilbert and Sullivan (Derrick McClure), p25

Satirical Burlesque (Part 2) (Richard Moore), p37

W.S. Gilbert and Poetry of the Fourteenth-Century Alliterative Revival (Maria Anthony), p52

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p59


Volume 8 no. 44: Spring 2019

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p 4

An Unpublished Gilbert Essay (“Some Last Words on Play Writing”) (Introduced by Andrew Crowther), p5

In Defence of Comic Violence, or What I Learned from “A Consistent Pantomime”  (Maria Anthony), p11

Satirical Burlesque (Part 1) (Richard Moore), p17

G&S Bookends (Albert Bergeret), p53

Engaged, performed by the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria, February-March 2019 (Review by Lucinda Halls), p60

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p65


Volume 8 no.43: Autumn 2018

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

The Anatomy of the Bab Ballads (John Malcolm Bulloch), p5

Strange Adventures: Collecting Gilbert’s Short Stories (Andrew Crowther), p13

“The Progress of Fun”: Gilbert’s Comic Muse (Part 4) (Richard Moore), p17

Gilbert’s “Clean Old Gentleman”: a consideration of the genealogy of the Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe (David Fidler), p59

Harry Furniss on Utopia, Limited  (Andrew Crowther), p62

The Triumph of Vice and Other Stories by W.S. Gilbert, edited by Andrew Crowther (Review by Lisa Berglund), p66

Eyes and No Eyes: All in One Productions, August 2018 (Review by Ian Lawson), p70

Fever and Fame! (Maria Anthony), p73

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p74



Volume 7 no.42: Spring 2018

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

Some Notes on Gilbert’s Humour, or, The Importance of being Earnest (Andrew Crowther), p5

“Fairy Extravaganza” on a Budget: Producing W.S. Gilbert’s Foggerty’s Fairy for an American audience (David Raymond), p14

Setting Happy Arcadia (Adam Cuerden), p25

“The Progress of Fun”: Gilbert’s Comic Muse (Part 3) (Richard Moore), p52

The Mountebanks and Suite Symphonique recording (Review by John Balls), p77

Expressions of Glee: Producing Gilbert & Sullivan in the 21st Century. (Review by Maria Anthony), p83

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p85



Volume 7 no.41:Autumn 2017

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

Thoughts on Michael (a tribute to Michael Walters) (Selwyn Tillett), p5

Gilbert and the Education Office  (Andrew Crowther), p8

Performing Engaged! (with an Exclamation Mark) (Ian Lawson), p21

Two Speeches [by Gilbert] (Andrew Crowther), p34

Producing A Sensation Novel (Adam Cuerden), p40

“The Progress of Fun”: Gilbert’s Comic Muse (Richard Moore), p58

Gilbert’s sisters — photograph, p82

Pickwick / Cups and Saucers recording (Review by John Balls), p84

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p88



Volume 7 no.40: Spring 2017

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

Some notes on Lucy Gilbert (Andrew Crowther), p5

Gilbert on the Theatre (Deirdre Kincaid), p14

The Progress of Fun: Gilbert’s Comic Muse (Richard Moore), p28

Performing Ages Ago at the Edinburgh Festival (Adam Cuerden), p53

 Impressions of the Recording Sessions for The Mountebanks (J. Donald Smith), p72

Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Respectable Capers’ by Michael Goron (Review by Andrew Crowther), p75

A very fine illustration! (Marianne Orlando), p79

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p80



Volume 7 no.39: Autumn 2016

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

The Hidden History of His Excellency  (J. Donald Smith), p5

A Matter of Mustard: the Integrity of Gilbert’s Texts in Performance (Andrew Crowther), p36

Another Gentleman in Black (Jonathan Strong), p48

One Hundred and Forty-Eight Years of “Bab”: 1868-2016 (John Balls), p54

The Complete Annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: 20th Anniversary Edition, by Rev. Dr. Ian Bradley (review by Mike Nash), p60

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p62



Volume 6: no.38: Spring 2016

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

The Gentleman in Black: Resuscitating a Gilbertian Corpse (Ian Lawson), p5

Possible Fraud at the Savoy (Hal Kanthor M.D), p20

Those Pestilential Nuisances! (Ralph MacPhail, Jr.), p23

Gilbert’s Funeral (Andrew Crowther), p28

David Eden (1942 – 2015): an Appreciation (Andrew Crowther), p34

The Variorum Gilbert & Sullivan: Volume I, eds. Marc Shepherd & Michael Walters  (review by Andrew Crowther), p42

Plans and Projects (projected Recordings of The Bab Ballads, The Mountebanks, Ages Ago, Pickwick, Cups and Saucers, p46

Letter to the Editor (Christopher Wain), p53

A very fine picture! (Bruce Greengart), p56

Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p57


Volume 6 no.37: Autumn 2015

Introduction (Derrick McClure), p4

Harrogate’s Second Gilbert Extravaganza  (John Balls), p5

The Importance of Being Gilbert  (Roger Harris), p9

Evelyn Gatliff and The Savoy Stories  (Michael Walters), p24

The Spirit of the Times: Past and Present in Thomas Hardy and W.S. Gilbert (Part 3) (Richard Moore), p36

The Mountebanks: Bringing Magic back to Gilbert’s Magic Lozenge Plot (John Hart), p50

G&S Collections have a New Home  (Ralph MacPhail, Jr.), p62

The Most Exclusive Hat  (Victor Golding), p63

The Gentleman in Black (review)  (Derrick McClure), p64

Letter to the Editor (Paul Seeley), p67

Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p68



Volume 6 no.36: Spring 2015
Introduction, p4
Thespis in America: the Production that Never Happened" by J. Donald Smith, pp5-13
"Tom Hood and the Rules of Rhyme" by Andrew Crowther, pp14-23
Sweethearts" by Deirdre Kincaid, pp24-29
Engaged: Thoughts of Directing an Amateur Production of Gilbert's 1877 Farcical Comedy in 2014" by Stuart Box, pp30-38
"'Lazy, Sloppy Writing': Caryl Brahms Reconsidered" by Michael Walters, pp39-48
"The Spirit of the Times: Past and Present in Thomas Hardy and W.S. Gilbert (Part 2)" by Richard Moore, pp49-54
The Gentleman in Black" by Alan Borthwick (notice of forthcoming production), p55
Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p56


Volume 6 no.35: Autumn 2014
Introduction, p4
"Harrogate's Gilbert Extravaganza" by Derrick McClure, pp5-12
"It's a Topsy-Turvy World" by Andrew Crowther, pp13-24
"Lord Dramaleigh's Shadow: Gilbert and Censorship" by Marc Shepherd, pp25-35
"A Gilbert Picture" (picture and caption of Gilbert in 1908, after delivering a petition on censorship to the Home Secretary), pp36-37
"The Spirit of the Times: Past and Present in Thomas Hardy and W.S. Gilbert (Part 1)" by Richard Moore, pp38-46
"Gilbert and Aberdeen" by John Malcom Bulloch (reprinted from the
Aberdeen Press and Journal, 19 November 1936), pp47-50
Letter to the Editor by Michael Walters, p51
Recent and Forthcoming Events, p52


Volume 5 no.34: Spring 2014
Introduction, p4
"Brian Jones: a tribute," by Andrew Crowther, pp5-7
"The Young Lady in the Dress Circle" by Andrew Crowther, pp8-14
"The Ornithology of Gilbert" by Michael Walters, pp15-24
"Gilbert in the Aberdeenshire Militia" by John Malcolm Bulloch (reprinted from the
Aberdeen Press and Journal, 18 November 1936), pp25-28
"Day-Before-Yesterday Drama" by Max Beerbohm (review of
Pygmalion and Galatea, reprinted from the Saturday Review, 16 June 1900), pp29-32.
Review of
Angela, an Inverted Love Story (puppet opera) by Andrew Crowther, pp33-36
"New Mountebanks score!" (details of Robin Gordon-Powell's new edition), p37
Letter to the Editor by Nicio Vega Jr., p38
Recent and Forthcoming Events, p39


Volume 5 no.33: Autumn 2013
Introduction, p4
"I Expostulate" by W.S. Gilbert (satirical article about the theatre, from the Christmas Number of the
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 1886), pp5-8
"Social Oulines no.2: Doing A Cathedral" (cartoon by Gilbert from
Fun, 29 October 1864), p8
"The Comic Physiognomist (1863-1867)" by Andrew Crowther, pp9-27
"Gilbert's Little Ladies, Part Two: Little Ladies of G&S" by Elise Curran, pp28-41
"Gilbert and Sullivan" by John Malcolm Bulloch (reprint of article first published in 1927), pp42-45
Engaged" by Francis Lloyd (notes by a director, including set and costume designs), pp46-50
Review of
Engaged by Stuart Barker, pp51-53
Review of
Savoy Ghosts by Wilfred Deakin, pp54-56
Review of
Savoy Ghosts by Chris Angelico, pp57-60
Letter to the Editor by Michael Walters, p61
Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p62


Volume 5 no.32: Spring 2013
Introduction, p4
Pygmalion at the Asylum" by Andrew Crowther (concerning the production of Pygmalion & Galatea at West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 1875, directed by Gilbert and featuring him in the cast), pp5-21
"Apes and Ladies:
The Princess and Princess Ida" by Richard Moore, pp22-49
"The Mystery of Madame Fortunio" by Hal Kanthor, pp50-51
Gretchen" by Alastair Langlands (some notes on a production by the Stansted Players in 2012), pp52-54
Book Reviews:

May Fortescue by Tony Joseph, reviewed by Michael Walters, pp55-59,
One Wild Flower by Louise Schweitzer, reviewed by John Balls, pp60-64
Letters to the Editor, pp65-66
"A Book Proposal and Call for Papers:
Gilbert & Sullivan Lost & Found: Papers Presented but Not Published" by Ralph MacPhail Jr., pp67-68
Recent & Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p69


Volume 5 no.31: Autumn 2012
Introduction, p4
"Gilbert's Contributions to Fun, 1861-1865" compiled by Andrew Crowther, pp5-16
"A Few Words from W.S.G." by Stephen Turnbull (recordings of Gilbert's works without music), pp17-22
"Gilbert and Victorian Mediaevalism" by Richard Moore, pp23-41
"Recordings of Trial by Jury (Part 3)" by Michael Walters, pp42-49
Book Reviews:
Papers, Presentations and Patter: A Savoyards' Symposium, ed. Ralph MacPhail, Jr., reviewed by Michael Walters
Created in Our Own Images.com: W.S. Gilbert's Pygmalion and Galatea: an Introduction to the Art, Ethics and Science of Cloning, ed. Fred M. Sander, reviewed by Derrick McClure, pp57-61
Letter to the Editor, p62


Volume 4 No.30: Winter 2012
Introduction, p4
"The 'Lost' Tetrachord" by Ralph MacPhail, Jr. (correcting and expanding on Andrew Crowther's "Tetrachord of Mercury" article in issue 27), pp5-14
"The Missing Songs of The Mountebanks" by J. Donald Smith (publishing several unknown lyrics from The Mountebanks), pp15-31
"Gilbert: A New Direction?: The Grand Duke and The Balcony" by Richard Moore (comparing Gilbert with Genet), pp32-49
"The Gold Standard Days in Word and Song" by Daniel C. Munson (aspects of Gilbert's political satire), pp50-5.
"Some Aspects of Carolyn Williams's Gilbert and Sullivan: Gender, Genre, Parody" by Andrew Crowther, pp56-8.
"The U.S. Midwest Premiere of Eyes and No Eyes" by Kingsley Day, pp59-62
Foggerty's Fairy by Ian Bradley, pp63-5
Our Island Home by Andrew Crowther, pp66-8
Letter to the Editor, p69
Recent and Forthcoming Events, pp70-1


Volume 4 No.29: Summer 2011 (Centenary Issue)
Introduction, p4
"A Hundred Years of Gilbert" by John Balls, pp5-13
"The Early Burlesques of W.S. Gilbert" by Samuel Silvers, pp14-21
"Gilbert's Girls: Comes a Train of Little Ladies" by Elise Curran, pp22-42
"A Greek Remark: The Yeomen of the Guard Viewed through an Aristotelian Lens" by Shane Kingston Magargal, pp43-52
"Recordings of Trial by Jury (Part 2)" by Michael Walters, pp53-59
"Gilbert and Sullivan in Idyllic Ivoryton, Connecticut" by Ralph MacPhail, Jr.. pp60-4
"Thespis: A Reply" by Michael Walters (responding to "They Never Worked Alone" in issue 28), p65 
Book Reviews:
Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan by Andrew Crowther, reviewed by Marc Shepherd, pp66-9
Gilbert and Sullivan: Gender, Genre, Parody by Carolyn Williams, briefly reviewed by Brian Jones, pp69-70
Gilbert and Sullivan: Class and the Savoy Tradition 1875-1896 by Regina Oost, reviewed by Paul Seeley, pp70-2
The Japan of Pure Invention: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado by Josephine Lee, reviewed by Paul Seeley, pp72-4
"The Gettysburg Symposium: Publication" (details of the recent symposium), pp75-6
Recent and Forthcoming Events, pp77-8


Volume 4 No. 28: Winter 2011
Introduction, p4
"Just-So Stories" by Andrew Crowther (discussing the stories we tell of Gilbert's life), pp5-8
"Recordings of Trial by Jury (Part 1)" by Michael Walters, pp9-17
"Presenting The Mountebanks: Swallowing the Lozenge Plot!" by Elise Curran, pp18-24
"Ages Ago and Weather or No" by Andrew Crowther (review), pp25-7
"They Never Worked Alone (Well, Hardly Ever!) Two Great Partnerships: Gilbert and Sullivan--Rodgers and Hammerstein" by John Balls, pp26-34
"Crypto" by Michael Walters (on the one-act piece Cryptoconchoidsyphonostomata which shared a bill with Trial by Jury), pp35-6
"Sir Richard or Sir John?" by Michael Walters, p37
Recent and Forthcoming Events, pp38-9


Volume 4 No. 27: Summer 2010
Introduction, p4
"A Christian Frame of Mind," by W.S. Gilbert, pp5-8.
"Gilbert's Libretti in Translation," (reproductions of covers), pp9-11
"Burlesque, Satire, and Irony: Some Elements of Gilbertian Technique," by Andrew Crowther, pp12-21
"Worse Than Usual," cartoon by WSG, p21
"Mr Gilbert, Who was that Lady I Saw You With Last Night?" by Brian Jones (regarding Lady Colin Campbell), pp22-23
"Workers and Their Work: Mr. W.S. Gilbert," (interview with Gilbert from
The Daily News, 21 January 1885), pp24-30
"Paris, 1870: Gilbert's War Correspondence," by Andrew Crowther (extensively quoting Gilbert's dispatches for
The Observer at the end of the Franco-Prussian War), pp31-41.
"The Return of the Correspondents," cartoon by William Brunton showing Gilbert's return from Paris, p41
Engaged," by Fortunato Pezzimenti (experiences of a director), pp42-45
"The Tetrachord of Mercury," by Andrew Crowther, pp46-47
Gilbert Events, p48


Vol. 3 No. 26: Winter 2009
Two Christmas Pieces by WSG (from Fun, 19 & 26 December 1863), pp772-777
"Then They Ought to Be Ashamed of Themselves," cartoon by WSG, p777
"A Hornpipe in Fetters," by W.S. Gilbert, pp778-779
Address written by Gilbert for Frank Emery, pp780-782
"The Day After the Ball," cartoon by WSG, p782
"A Little Gilbert, A Little Sullivan in Ottawa," by Iris Winston (production of
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and The Zoo), pp783-785
"On Directing a Recent Production of Gilbert's
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern," by Klaas van Weringh, pp786-791
Innominato by William Gilbert," by Andrew Crowther (review), pp792-794
The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert and Sullivan," by Marc Shepherd (review), pp795-799
Gilbert Events, p800


Vol. 3 No. 25: Winter 2008
"GasCarte: A Tribute to David Duffey," by Brian Jones, p740
"Gilbert's Early Work for
Fun," by Andrew Crowther, pp741-748
"Simla ADC," by Michael Walters, pp748-749
"Letters to the Editor by WSG," transcribed by Arthur Robinson, pp750-755.
"A Margaret Mystery?" by Michael Walters, p755-756
Sweethearts in Louisiana," by J. Derrick McClure & Ralph MacPhail, Jr., pp756-762.
Princess Toto, Grim's Dyke, April 5th 2009" review by John Balls, pp763-765
Recent Gilbert Events, pp766-767


Vol. 3 No. 24: Summer 2008
"David Duffey: A Tribute," by Brian Jones, p708
"Uncle Schwenck," by Mary Carter, p709
"Clown and Harlequin," by Andrew Crowther (about Gilbert's love of pantomime and the harlequinade), pp710-721
"The People of Pantomime," by Brian Jones, p721.
"George Grossmith's Tribute," (from
The Daily Telegraph, 7 June 1911). pp722-725.
"My Last Client," by W.S. Gilbert (autobiographical article), pp726-729.
"My Last Client: Afterword," by Andrew Crowther, pp729-731.
Thespis at Normansfield," by Andrew Crowther (review), pp731-734.
Gilbert Events, p734
Welcome to New Friends (John Balls and J. Derrick McClure), p735


(The 23rd issue of the Journal was misnumbered 24. As a result issue No. 23 does not exist.)


Vol. 3 No. 22: Winter 2007
"The Evolution of The Mikado" by W.S. Gilbert (reprinted from his article "The Story of a Stage Play" in The New York Daily Tribune, 9 August 1885), pp676-686.
"Japan in London, 1885," by Brian Jones (about the Japanese exhibition in London), pp686-696.
"The Savoyards on Tour," (from
The Sketch, 13 June 1894), pp697-702.
"William Gilbert Republished!", pp702-703
Recent Gilbert Events, p703


Vol. 3 No. 21: Summer 2007
"A Message from Mike Leigh", accepting the post of Honorary Life President of the Society, p644
"Memories of Charles Pemberton," by Chris Webster and Brian Jones, pp645-647

"The Yeomen of the Guard: Fact or Fiction," by Benson Chamley (the historical background of the opera), pp648-657
The Beginnings of Bab: A Dissenting Opinion," by Hal Kanthor (arguing that the drawings discussed in Issue 16 cannot be confidently ascribed to Gilbert), pp657-659
The Beginnings of Bab: A Perspective," by Brian Jones (supporting the idea that the drawings are by Gilbert), pp660-664.
"Durward Lely Remembers Gilbert," by Simon Moss, pp665-666
Happy Arcadia on the G and S Radio Hour," by J. Donald Smith (review), p667
"A Gilbert Portrait: Hubert Gustave Herkomer, Gilbert's Remarkable Neighbour," by Brian Jones, pp668-670
Recent and Forthcoming Gilbert Events, p671


Vol. 2 No. 20: Winter 2006
"A Tribute to Philip Plumb" by Brian Jones & Andrew Crowther, pp612-614.
"The Genesis of Ruddigore" by Philip Plumb, pp615-619.
"Hungarian Fantasies 2: Sifting Fact from Fiction about Ilka Palmay" by Paul Seeley, pp620-632.
"Jessie Bond as Donald Wolfit's Mentor" by Brian Jones, pp633-634.
"Gilbert Times Four" by Andrew Crowther (review of 4 short Gilbert plays at Buxton), pp635-638.
Recent Gilbert Events, p639.


Vol. 2 No. 19: Summer 2006
"Hungarian Fantasies: Sifting Fact from Fiction about Ilka Palmay" by Paul Seeley, pp580-585
"W.S. Gilbert in Kensington" by Brian Jones, pp586-592.
"His Excellency--"Another Mikado"? by Terry Hawes, pp593-597.
Readers' emails, p597.
"Virtue Triumphant?" by Andrew Crowther (how Gilbert handled endings), pp598-607.
Gilbert Events, p607


Vol. 2 No. 18: Winter 2005
"The Late Sir W.S. Gilbert's Pets" by Nancy McIntosh (reprinted from Country Life, 3 June 1911), pp548-556
"Gilbert at King's College London, 1853-1857" by Brian Jones, pp557-562
"Hesketh Pearson: Telling Tales about Gilbert" by Andrew Crowther (the life of Gilbert's most colourful biographer), pp563-572
"Lytton: Gilbert and Sullivan's Jester" by Philip W. Plumb (review of Brian Jones's new book), pp572-574
"Recent Gilbert Events", p575
"Index to Sullivan's Diaries", notice of Geoffrey Dixon's new work.


Vol. 2 No. 17: Summer 2005
"Gilbert and the Sensation Novel" by Andrew Crowther (essay about the influence of Victorian sensation fiction on WSG), pp516-525
"A newly discovered WSG letter" by Terence Crolley (reporting on a letter from 1865 shedding new light on WSG's farce A Colossal Idea), pp526-528
"A Colossal Idea and the Young Gilbert's Early Plays" by David Stone (commenting on the newly discovered letter), pp529-530
"An Old Score--A New Edition" (brief paragraph advertising David Trutt's limited edition of the Gilbert play An Old Score), p530
"Basingstoke: Teeming with Hidden Meaning" by Philip Plumb (on the meaning of Basingstoke), pp531-535
"1854 Album--Second Thoughts" by Brian Jones (following on from "The Beginnings of Bab?" in Issue 16), pp536-540
"New Light on Lytton's Life and Work" (advertising Brian Jones's biography of Sir Henry Lytton), p541
"Gilbert Events", pp542-543
"The Recent Hideous Case of Hydrophobia" by WSG, p544


Vol. 2 No. 16: Winter 2004
"The Beginnings of Bab? 1854 drawings discovered" by Brian Jones (reporting on the discovery by Sydney and Lucy Charendoff of an album of early Gilbert cartoons), pp484-195
"Gilbert, the Snake in the Garden of Eden" by Philip Plumb (review of David Eden's W.S. Gilbert: Appearance and Reality), pp496-499
"The Yarn of Dudley and Stephens" by David Fidler (the historical foundation of "The Yarn of the 'Nancy Bell'"), pp500-508
"The Brigands" by Andrew Crowther (review of new CD of Gilbert's translation of the Offenbach operetta), pp508-509
"Engaged by W.S. Gilbert" by J. Derrick McClure (review of Engaged at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Scotland), pp510-511
"Recent Gilbert Events", pp511-512


Vol. 2 No. 15: Summer 2004
"In Aid--In Aid of a Deserving Charity..." by David Stone (introducing his discovery of a new Gilbert short story), pp452-454
"Lady Mildred's Little Escapade" by W.S. Gilbert (the rediscovered short story), pp454-465
"Producing Gilbert's Plays" by David Fidler, pp465-472
"Restoring Gilbert's Grave at Stanmore", p472
"Engaged in New York and London" (reviews by David Stone and Andrew Crowther), pp473-475
"Recent Gilbert Events, 2004", p476
"Emily and Augusta" by W.S. Gilbert (cartoon story), pp477-479


Vol. 2 No. 14: Winter 2003
"WS Gilbert's Sleepwalking" by Terence Rees (a new Gilbert discovery), pp420-425
"The Sons of Patrick Halton at the Savoy" (note about the conductor Patrick Halton and his sons, who also worked for the D'Oyly Carte), p425
"A Tribute to Jane W. Stedman: 8 June 1926 - 6 March 2003" by Ralph MacPhail, Jr., pp426-427
"The Other Gilbert" by Andrew Crowther (essay concerning Gilbert's reputation) , pp428-437
"Recent Gilbert Events in the UK", pp437-438
"The Barrister's Wig" by William Gilbert (reprint of satirical article by Gilbert Senior), pp438-447


Vol. 2 No. 13: Autumn 2002
"Mr Gilbert": Chapter 9 of Worlds Away (1964) by Pamela Maude (reprint of personal reminiscences of WSG), pp388-399
"Fallen Fairies" by Scott Farrell, pp400-406 (article and selection from original reviews)
"An Exceedingly Kind and Generous Aristophanes", reprint of an article/interview from The Sketch of 13 June 1900, pp406-410
"W.S. Gilbert in the Magazines" by Andrew Crowther (list of Gilbert's contributions to magazines, journals and papers), pp410-412
"Gilbert's Drawing-Room Ballads" by Andrew Crowther, pp412-414
News items concerning Fallen Fairies and Engaged, p415


Vol. 2 No. 12: Spring 2001
"Confessions of a Lapsed Fanatic" by Max Keith Sutton, pp356-362
"The Dream of Pygmalion" by Andrew Crowther, pp362-370
"An Appeal to the Press" by W.S. Gilbert, pp371-373
Readers' letters, pp373-374
"aka Roydon Fleming: W.S. Gilbert in Played Out 1866" by Brian Jones (analysing a fictional portrayal of Gilbert by Annie Thomas), pp375-381


Vol. 2 No. 11: Autumn 2000 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
"The Land Where Contradictions Meet: HMS Pinafore and the Creation of the Savoy Formula" by Andrew Crowther, pp324-332
"Croquet" by W.S. Gilbert (with Bab drawings), pp332-339
photograph of a croquet party, with Gilbert's sisters Florence and Maude, pp336-337
"The Style of Thing Precisely" by David Duffey (Gilbert's use, or not, of metaphor), pp340-346
"Topsy-Turvy" (production notes, cast list), pp346-352


Vol. 1 No. 10: Spring 1999
"Dr. William Gilbert: Like Father, Like Son?" by Philip W. Plumb, pp292-302
"Jessie Bond--Glimpses Anew" by Paul Ernhill, pp302-311
"Two Fetches" by Jessie Bond, pp311-314
"Gilbert Viewed from the Punch Table" (reminiscences by Harry Furniss), pp315-317
"W.S.G. As Others Saw Him: James M. Glover", pp317-318
Facsimiles of Gilbert cartoons "The History of the Sensation Drama that Jack Wrote" and "Out With the Militia", pp319-320


Vol. 1 No. 9: Summer 1997
"Matters of Life and Death" by Andrew Crowther (themes of death and resurrection), pp260-264
"Beyond the Croaking Chorus: Gilbert's Classical Sources" by Elinor S. Wright, pp265-270
Obituary: "Meston Reid--Not Just a Singer" by Betty Moat, pp271-273
"The Sad Tale of a Translation" by Tony Obrist, pp274-275
"W.S.G. As Others Saw Him: Mary Anderson (Madame de Navarro)", pp276-277
"Licensed or Unlicensed Gags?" by George Low, p278, p281
"The Little-Known Writings of the Duke of Plaza Toro" by Michael Walters (the plays of Frank Wyatt), pp279-280
Book Reviews: W.S. Gilbert: A Classic Victorian and his Theatre by Jane W. Stedman, The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company 1875-1982 by Tony Joseph (reviewed by Philip W. Plumb)
Readers' letters, pp283-287
Facsimile of Gilbert cartoon "All Levee Swells--All 'Eavy Swells" 


Vol. 1 No. 8: 1994
"The Happy Land: Its True and Remarkable History" by Terence Rees, pp228-237
"Gilbert and the Censors: The Happy Land Conspiracy" by Philip Plumb, pp238-240
"W.S.G. As Others Saw Him" (reminiscences by Rutland Barrington, Nellie Stewart, F.Anstey), pp241-246
"The Fairy in the Drawing Room" by Andrew Crowther (discussing Foggerty's Fairy), pp247-251
Readers' letters, pp252-253


Vol. 1 No. 7: 1993
"Gilbert the Brechtian" by Andrew Crowther (comparing Tom Cobb with Mann ist Mann), pp196-204
Readers' Letters, pp204-207
"Patrick W. Halton, 'A Very Able Conductor'" by Brian Jones, pp208-218
"A Tale of Cock and Bull" by Kenneth M. Goldstein (probing the origin of the phrase), pp219-220
Obituary: E.W. (Ted) Chapman by Philip W. Plumb, p221
"Is Gilbert Dead? 1903" (1903 verse by "R.L.B." about Gilbert), p222
Facsimiles of Gilbert cartoons "Our Pictorial Centuple Acrostico-Charadical Puzzle" and "Another Way of Looking At It", pp223-224


Vol. 1 No. 6: 1990
"Gilbert and Pinero: Two Flights of Fancy" by George Rowell (comparing Gilbert's Foggerty's Fairy with Pinero's The Magistrate), pp164-168
Review: Sweethearts by Vic Golding, p169
"Ko-Ko's Toe" by Brian Jones (investigating the origins of a famous piece of Mikado "business"), pp170-174
Reader's Letter, p175
Obituary: Elsie Griffin, pp176-177
"'I Copied All the Letters in a Big, Round Hand': Indexing W.S. Gilbert" by Geoffrey Dixon (reprinted from The Indexer), pp178-182
The Gilbert and Sullivan Concordance by Geoffrey Dixon, reviewed by Philip W. Plumb, p183
"Location and Law: A Substructure of Gilbert Plots" by Peter Joslin, pp184-187
"Gilbert, Grundy and the Guid Scots Tongue" by Derrick McClure (comparing the "stage Scots" in Engaged and Haddon Hall), pp188-190
Facsimile of an original-production programme of Foggerty's Fairy, p192


Vol. 1 No. 5: 1987/8
"New D'Oyly Carte Opera Company" by Paul Seeley (review of Iolanthe and The Yeomen of the Guard), pp132-133
Obituary of Albert Truelove by Brian Jones, pp134-135
Readers' Letters, pp136-137
"Louisa May Alcott's Pinafore Connection" by Harold Kanthor, pp138-142
"Archetypal Eagles, Operatic Sparrows" by K.V. Bailey (reprinted from the SF magazine Foundation), pp143-158
Facsimile of Gilbert cartoon "A 'Wild Goose' Case", p159


Vol. 1, No. 4: Autumn 1986
"Gilbert's Contributions to Periodicals: 2. Routledge's Christmas Annual" by Philip W. Plumb (bibliographical article), p100
Facsimile of Gilbert's story in drawings "The Converted Clown", pp101-103
"Somebody's Birthday?" by Victor Golding (short account of the Gilbert 150th Birthday Symposium in Boston, Mass., USA), p104
"The W.S. Gilbert Papers in the British Library" by Frederic Woodbridge Wilson, pp105-119
"The Ruddi Rosebud" by Michael Walters (discussion of The Rosebud of Stingingnettle Farm by H.J. Byron and its influence on Ruddigore, followed by the text of this short skit), pp120-124
Review by Paul Seeley: The British Musical Theatre by Kurt Ganzl, pp125-126
Facsimiles of Gilbert's Fun cartoons "Our Own Correspondent at the Guildford Fight" and "Wasted", pp127-128


Vol. 1, No. 3: Spring 1986
"Gilbert's Contributions to Periodicals: 1. London Society" by Philip W. Plumb, pp68-69
Facsimile of Gilbert's London Society review "The Christmas Entertainments" (with Bab drawings), pp70-77
"Brantinghame Hall: 2. The Mornings After" by Gerald Glynn, pp78-83
"Gilbert's Favourite 'Moment'" by Brian Jones (what Gilbert nominated the finest dramatic situation he knew), pp84-86
"Henry Bracy, the 'Extra' Ida Tenor" by Michael Walters, pp87-91
Tit-Willow; or Notes and Jottings on Gilbert & Sullivan Operas by Guy H. Walmisley and Claude A. Walmisley, p91
Gilbert and Sullivan: The Creative Conflict by David Eden (reviewed by Philip W. Plumb), pp92-93
Sing With Sullivan compiled by Terence Rees and Roderick Spencer, p94


Vol. 1, No. 2: Autumn 1985
"The Musical Gilbert, Without Sullivan" by Jonathan Strong, pp36-39
"Der Vampyr and Gilbert" by Michael Walters, pp40-41
Obituary: Dame Bridget D'Oyly Carte, D.B.E. by Paul Seeley, pp42-44
"Brantinghame Hall: 1. A Night of Melodrama" by Gerald Glynn, pp45-49
Readers' Letters, pp50-53
Review by Brian Jones: The Savoyards on Record by John Wolfson, pp54-57
"The Bab Ballads: A Publishing Account" by Philip W. Plumb, pp58-64


Vol. 1, No. 1: Spring 1985
"Who died for the Love of a Lady?" (Introduction by Brian Jones to the following two articles), p4
"Comedy or Tragedy in the Ending?" by Michael Walters (re the ending of The Yeomen of the Guard), pp5-8
"The Evidence for Thorne" by Gerald Glynn (Did Lytton or Thorne "invent" Point's death?), pp9-15
"Gilbert's Last Libretto" by Derrick McClure (discussing Fallen Fairies), pp16-19
"W.S. Gilbert on the Bench" by Andrew Goodman, pp20-22
"The Sword that Never Fell" by Brian Jones (debunking a Mikado myth), pp22-25
"The Dramatic Works of W.S. Gilbert" by Philip W. Plumb, pp26-31
Facsimiles of Gilbert doodles, p32



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